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2002 Double-sided Bookcase. I decided we needed more storage space for toys, books, etc. We had a wide doorway which we had already blocked to keep the kids out, so I decided to put a bookcase there. I used my largest scrapbooks to deturmine the minimum depth on the living room side, used a cd as the minimum measure for the office/dining room side, and decided that the bottom would have doors to hide toy bins so it would be the full depth of the bookcase. I figured out how I wanted the shelving to look, how to get all the pieces I needed out of the least amount of plywood and how to fit the pieces into my sedan. The helpful folks at Home Depot cut the wood per my specifications, and I stained and assembled it at home. I miss that bookcase and hope the new owners found it as useful as we did. Below you will see a photo on the livingroom side with the bottom doors opened, with them shut, and on the office side full of stuff. All the stuff before photos are from moving in, and the stuff in the after photos are in the process of moving out.
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