Graphic Design, Product Labels
Wood Label, label design and project management
Task: Manage the wood label program. Design labels for wood manufacturers featuring DecoArt paints to help Michael's store sales of both products.
Solution: Use a similar label format for each wood program label.
Attain all relevant information about each wood piece from the manufacturers. Request painted pieces from the Design department. Photograph the pieces once painted, and color correct. Layout labels within the constraints of existing sticker dies. Include all information possible: Title, Photographs of the piece(s), UPC#, item#, Michael's SKU#, Size & weight of the piece, the manufacturer's logo & contact info, bottle shots, DecoArt's logo, the label's part #, a color list and painting instructions.
Result: While I was incharge of this program, the labels were produced and shipped early or on time according to the dealines provided. All clients were properly billed. Over 60 labels were produced through this program, and several were reprinted due to high sales.