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2007 Halloween Costume for 8 year old
Task: Talk my oldest son into being a robot for Halloween, I have tons of cardboard boxes, so I figured this would be the least expensive way to go. He decided he wanted to be a cool robot, so he chose a Madcat Mechwarrior.
Solution: Research the robot. Take photos of the kid for planning purposes. Do a proportions plan in Photoshop.  Use only cardboard boxes, packing tape, and Elmer's glue...start cutting. 3 days later the costume was built, 3 days after that, it was painted. The legs are jointed at the ankle, knee, and hip. It's a 4 part robot, the cockpit (which hinges open) is separate from the legs allowing it to pivot. The 2 laser cannons slip onto the child's arms, and have hand-holds allowing him minimal manual dexterity.

Result: A very happy 8 year old, and I only spent $7 on spray paint, all other supplies we had at the house.

1/1 Test run on the porch

Trick-or-Treating on Main Street

Neighborhood Trick-or-Treating and Contest