References: Who are they and how do they know me?
... She takes great pride in her work, as rightly she should. She is after all, a very talented young lady. ...Becky Wyco, Art Director at Hallmark
former Art Director at Frances Meyer

Sherry Chapman, Art Director of Marketing & Promotions at Creative Imaginations
former Traffic Manager at Frances Meyer

... I knew that we, as a department, could deliver the qualities the client desired, due in large part to the level of expertise Jennifer could bring to bear on the assignment at hand. ...Brad Boyd, LPGA Senior Creative Services Coordinator
former Senior Designer at Frances Meyer

Tom Schaub, Art Director at DecoArt

... a very talented and creative person who is always willing to help others in an energetic and cooperative team effort. Her graphic design abilities are fresh and innovative. ...Teri Stillwaugh, former Design Dept. Manager at DecoArt

Diane Isley, Sales Director at DecoArt
former Marketing Director at DecoArt
also, my mentor when I became a Marketing Coordinator at DecoArt

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